A uniquely positioned and completely equipped full service design and printing company for the 21st century

Peter Stock Press is a service provider/manufacturer supported by extraordinarily talented design personnel and a deep, geographically diverse equipment base. Our firm has been time tested and held to the exemplary standards of an ever evolving professional team. Our work supports international design conferences. 



Design projects inherently provide an opportunity attached to sometimes seemingly limitless directions and choices.  “Brainstorming” with you the client, can become a black hole of meetings, conversations, emails and pings with larger agencies and design firms.

And then, how about that empty feeling which sometimes…no, nearly always, accompanies the “hand-off” of your final files to “the printer” which is a cause of angst for days or weeks until the finished project finally arrives, laying concerns to rest.  But boy, the wait sometimes kills you in the process!  


We take a different approach that synthesizes client insights, concerns, marketing exigencies/research and insightful messaging.  Add to this foundation, arresting images with design that draws the eye and brain in equal measures and the result is a delightfully attractive, effective marketing communications tool.

Why be encumbered by an agency machine that sucks time and budget to annoying ends? We provide a streamlined, efficient process where the principals are always available and second tier associates simply don’t exist.  In the end, we deliver a better result faster that meets marketing schedules and extinguishes production delays.

When we go to press with your job, you remain as involved, or not, as you wish to be.  Our formula has us in personal contact with pre-press operations, shift foremen, press operators, even the guys and gals who do the work in bindery. So in the end, there is nothing left to chance and angst has zero place in the process.


On every project, we are all responsible to someone—a colleague, a manager, the boss and ultimately to ourselves, to make the best choices and produce the best work.  Peter Stock Press, Inc. is a firm that provides effective design solutions and beautifully crafted printed collateral that make everyone from the Chairman to the CFO, Marketing Manager to the sales team proud of what they sell in the marketplace.  We believe that only this level of performance allows and deserves lasting business relationships.  Our people help your company leverage its marketing assets in an unusually effective and economical fashion. This has been our aim for over two decades.  Just read what our clients say about us.


We look forward to meeting with you and your creative/production point personnel to review your company’s design and print strategy.  A comprehensive tour of our portfolio can provide guidance and visual reference points for a discussion about your company’s immediate and future plans regarding its marketing collateral.  Please allow us to show you how new innovative materials can be seamlessly interwoven into your current program.

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